Next sermon series : Invitations of Jesus
Background: When St Luke tells us in his Gospel, that Jesus “set his face to go to Jerusalem” it does not mean that he entered the coordinates into his GPS and set out on a little site-seeing trip. No, this verse speaks to Jesus’ knowledge that the time had come for him to make his journey to Jerusalem where his full ministry would be accomplished in his suffering, death, resurrection and ascension. This narrative serves to specify what it means for Jesus to “set his face to go to Jerusalem” and what it means for a disciple to follow him there. So when the disciples in the above passage either ask or are asked to follow Jesus they are facing the opportunity to set their faces towards Jerusalem with Jesus. And as we will discover this is no easy road… Over the next 7 weeks and in anticipation of Lent and then the celebrations Easter, we will be looking as a church at the parables in Luke and discover the invitations of Jesus to journey with Him and how together we are to live those out in our own lives and in our community.


Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity

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